Chengdu Forster Technology Co., Ltd.
Prodotti principali: Generatore di Turbina Turgo Set Serie, Generatore di Turbina Francis Set Serie, Lampadina Generatore di Turbina Tubolare Set Serie, generatore di Turbina Kaplan Set Serie, Turbina Pelton Generatore Serie Set

Founded in 1956, Chengdu Forster Technology Co., Ltd. was once a subsidiary of the Chinese Ministry of Machinery and a designated manufacturer of small and medium-sized hydroelectric generator sets. With 66 years of experience in the field of hydraulic turbines, in the 1990s, the system was reformed and started to design, manufacture and sell independently. And began to develop the international market in 2013. At present, our equipment has been exported to Europe, Asia, South America, North America and many other water-rich regions for a long time, and has become a long-term cooperative supplier of many companies, continuing to maintain close cooperation.Provide OEM services for multiple international energy companies.